Tracy’s Hot Mail

79a70ee61134597896e761563d34af2428d467d7Written by T A Belshaw

Tracy’s the new girl in the office. A sassy nineteen year old with an eye for cloned fashion and an ear for the latest gossip, she reveals all in a series of emails written to her friend, Emma. Tracy doesn’t spare anyone’s blushes as she dishes the dirt on friends, family, and foes. If something is worth hearing, it is worth telling…

Everyone gets the Tracy Treatment, her benefit-fiddling father, her porn obsessed boyfriend, even her pocket billiards champion boss. Not forgetting the office’s serial bum pincher and his latest conquest, the office tart.

Behind Tracy’s wide eyed innocence and reassuring smile lies a muck spreader of the highest calibre.

No secret is safe.

Praise for Tracy’s Hot Mail

“Hilariously written. I can’t fault this book…”
Rose McClelland, Judging Covers

“made me laugh from beginning to end…a whopping good read”
Liz Jackson

“a fun, easy, truly enjoyable read…Trevor writes like a girl!”
Emma Kerry

“Tracy reminds me slightly of Bridget Jones as she is a likeable character but quite honestly, a bit slow-on-the-uptake at times.”
Rebecca Emin

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