Keddy Flett

Author of Swallow the Sea & Swallow in the Swell

Keddy Flett is a twenty-seven year old who resides in the inner city suburbs of Sydney, Australia, with his girlfriend Poppy Lin swallowthesea-smalland mutt Richie von Vicious. With an older brother and younger sister, not only does Keddy suffer from the occasional bout of hypochondria and Small-Man Syndrome, but he has also been cursed with a life-threatening case of Middle-Child Syndrome. With siblings aside, Keddy’s mother is a primary school teacher who always puts the milk in the cupboard and complains that nobody replenishes the fridge’s dairy supply, and his father is an insurance broker whose profound flashbacks to being the drum major in high school, fifty years ago, send him on verbal recounts that recycle themselves more often than sour-smelling milk cartons.

After penning his first short story ‘Reign Orange’, in 2002, Keddy’s passion for writing has spilled over into his adult life. His enthusiasm for the power of the written word has been especially evident within the past eighteen months, which have provided him with the opportunity to explore the world and compose his first novel. With much of his debut title reflecting the mental instability that binge drinking can cause, what he hopes to illustrate through his latest work is a pinch of insight into such matters in a non-preachy, hilarious and entertaining fashion.

***Warning: Contains Swearing – suitable for over 18s only***

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